Welcome beloved sojourners!

We are so glad you decided to join us on this journey of Lenten Lament! Whether you are somebody who regularly observes the season of Lent or somebody who’s doing it for the first time, we hope that our website and daily devotionals will provide some structure, resources, and community for you during your journey. May God meet you richly during these upcoming weeks, leading you deeper into remembrance, confession, reflection, and repentance.

Each day during Lent, we will be sharing a devotional that highlights a historic incident that occurred in our country’s history on that date, a corresponding image, a Scripture for reflection, and a responsive prayer for lament and repentance. All of this will be shared daily, on this website, and also through our various social media channels.

Here are some simple ways to participate in this journey of Lenten Lamentations:

  • Subscribe: To receive our daily devotionals through email, you can subscribe to our blog by scrolling to the bottom of our website and submitting your email address.
  • Follow: You can follow us on social media by clicking on the social media icons on our main menu. You can find us on Twitter (@lentenlament), Instagram (@lentenlamentations), and Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/lentenlamentations)
  • Respond: Each day will include time for participants to engage in their own acts of lament and prayers of confession/repentance. If you are willing, we encourage you to share these on social media, using #lentenlament and citing the day of the devotional (ex. #day1)
  • Share: Feel free to share this site with those who might enjoy it.
  • Congregational Liturgy: If you are going through this devotional with your congregation and want a way to engage together, we have created a Congregational Lenten Liturgy you can use weekly at your services. You can find it here.

We are excited to journey with you, and look forward to how God’s Spirit will lead us into moments of holy lament, true repentance, and communal response as we seek God’s mosaic kingdom together!

For more on the creators and motivation for this devotional, please check out our About page.

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